Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waterfalls and Wildlife

We are at Roger and Brenda's home base, located just outside of Ft. Smith Arkansas. They are actually in Oklahoma. Yesterday was a catch up day. Brenda made some awesome Chicken Salad. And for dessert she made a Paula Dean Kentucky Chocolate Pie. Yes I had to have a sliver. Man was it mouth watering good.
After lunch we decided to go to the casino and play the slots. What a blast. I laughed at Roger a lot playing the monkey slot machine. We all had a good time.
Today, Roger took us on a tour of the area mountains. We went to Devils Den and Ft. Smith State Park.

Here is a picture of Roger and Brenda in front of the Dam at Ozark-St. Francis Natural Dam in Arkansas.

On our way to Devils Den, we encountered a minor obstacle. Where we have had so much rain, the creeks were up. So Roger had to drive through some water to get to the other side of the road. He really enjoyed playing in the water.

And so did Joe!

Roger was telling us about a huge Beaver dam and we stopped on the side of the road to see it. Here is come pictures of the dam and of some wild life we saw. Of course we didn't see the beavers. They were probably tired from working so hard on their dam.

On the way to Ft.Smith State Park, I noticed some deer in the woods and we stopped to get pictures. There were 5 of them. Here is a good picture of one before they all took off down the hill.

We stopped at Devils Den to see the water falls

and to have a picnic. The waterfalls were awesome, the food was delicious

but the weather was lacking some sunshine. Even Roger was complaining about being cold, and he hardly ever gets cold. But it was an enjoyable day. After we got through site seeing we went to this store called A to Z. And they had a seperate store for just about everything.
After shopping we all decided to go to Western Sizzlin to have dinner. It was very good.

Brenda, Joe and I decided we wanted to go play Bingo at the V.O.A.
(Veterans of America). We talked Roger into going with us. Of couse Mr. Lucky won tonight. He is on a winning streak. Which is good. While we were there it came another huge storm. I'm tired of rain and want to see some sunshine. I need some vitamin D in the form of sun, instead of a pill. Jay and Faye please have some sunshine when we get there. Even though we have not had good weather, we are enjoying our time here in Oklahoma. It's always nice to see friends in new places.

Till next time be safe and have fun.

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  1. We did check out Rocky Point and Piney Point, nice parks. Think we like Clear Springs because we've had lake side both times we've been here. We have a space with a deck this time, love it! You two stay safe, I want another game of Mexican Train!