Saturday, July 25, 2009

Counting the days!!

We have 6 days and a wake up before we can hit the road(to Lexington Ky). But at least we can move on down the road.

Today we drove to London Ky. to meet some dear friends. Paul and Connie Anderson. They had a two hour drive and Joe and I had a one hour drive. Yes ours was shorter, only because we were supposed to go and pick up (Butch) Joe's dad. But he was released from the hospital on Wed. and he was still feeling pretty weak.

We all met at the London Flea Market. We walked inside and talked for a while, then of course we decided to go and eat. We all agreed on Mexican, our favorite. The food was excellent, the service great, but the company was priceless. And a class of 07 fix. We really enjoyed our visit. Paul and Connie can make you laugh all day.

Joe took some pictures and I am sure they will be posted on his blog soon.

We parted company about 4 oclock and went to see Butch. Connie had baked him a cake. Of course she knows how Joe is and so she baked two cakes, just so that she would be sure that Butch got his cake.
While we were visiting, a weather report showed a strong storm heading toward Knoxville. Well we had left the awning out, so we headed toward the rig. I drove and tried to outrun the storm the whole way. We did beat it and was able to put the awning in and are now eating Lasagna and relaxing.

This week we will be getting ready to move, packing and cleaning.

Everyone have fun and be careful.
See you down the road.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello everyone. It is has been raining for over an hour. Not just drizzle but pouring.The small creek behind the RV Park is over the banks and over the bridge. Joe and I were sitting here playing hand and foot with Skip bo cards and watching out the rv window at people going to the creek and getting stuff that was floating down the creek.

Then we see this guy going with some ropes and chains, so of course I had to go and check out what was going on. A fellow camper was out there and it was his boat that was lodged against the bridge and several people were helping him try to dislodge it.

There was an RV that came in when it first started raining about 6:00pm and the water was up to the back of his rig.

I thought everyone was going to have to pack up and leave.
What a storm. We even had strong wind and hail.
It is 8:00 now and it is still raining but the water is going down and I don't think we will have leave. Never a dull moment in the life of a full timer.

Everyone have fun and be safe.