Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never a dull moment

When we got up this morning the sky was blue, but it was very windy. About 1:00 we decided to go on down the road. Well when we got everything together and in it's place, Joe put it in gear and the rig just sat there. Oh no the wheels were spinning. We were stuck. So out we went and the tires were sunk into the ground. Joe got out some of our spare wood and I went in and jacked up the back of the RV.
Got back in the RV and the wheels were still spinning. So we unhooked the car and tied a rope to the front of the Tracker and the back of the Rv. And to my amazement the tracker pulled the stuck RV out. Wow. So we hooked back up and off we went.
Now we are sitting in Burlington Kansas at Kelley Park. It is $6.00 for water and electric. If you are over 60 it is only $4.00. And a good thing we are on blacktop, so no sinking!
Till next time have fun and be safe.

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