Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wind and Rain

We left the Carter's and headed north. We had no certain place that we were going, just meandering down the road. If you drive the back roads you just never know what you might see along the way.
We saw these metal sculptures along the road and just had to stop to take pictures of them. Pretty cool. Of course we are in Kansas so we did find the Tin Man. Now where are the rest of the Oz group.

We found a nice city park in Madison Kansas.

So we are sitting here waiting out the winds and rain. The lake is pretty full and rising.

Yesterday we even had some hail, about the size of nickels. Today the sun is shining but it is still very windy. Not sure if we are moving or staying. Depends on how Joe feels today.
Till next time, everyone be safe.

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  1. Looks like you found a beautiful (and ALMOST as good as "free") place to stay! Glad you tore yourself away from the Farm long enough to update your blog ;)