Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grandbaby and Balloons

Grand babies are so much fun. Our son, our daughter in law and Miss Jaelynn flew into Vegas, for a visit with us and the bright lights. What a good time we had. Visiting with each other and see the sights of Vegas. They really enjoyed the laser show on Fremont street. Love that part of Vegas. I believe Jaelynn probably has a crick in her neck from looking up so much.
We did walk the strip and she got to see some characters on the sidewalk. As you can see from this picture she is just not to sure about the blue M & M.

While we were in Vegas, we stayed at Sam's Town. Very nice Rv Park. Everything you need is there at Sams Town. They even had a shuttle to take you to the strip. There is also a free water and laser show inside of the Casino/Motel. Very cool. Of course a great time was had by all. Just look at Miss Jaelynn with Joe. He is called Daddy Joe by our grand children. He calls Jaelynn (Sweet Cheeks). She will just grin.

It turned a little chilly while they were here, but we still had a great time. Hated to see them go but it did help with me missing them. So now it is not so long till we see them again.

Today 11-14-09, in Sierra Viesta they are having the Hot Air Balloon
Festival. I was there at 7:00 am to watch them set up and launch.

While I was watching, I saw a line of people at this one balloon. So being curious I walked over to see what was going on. Well I found out they were giving free rides. So of course I got in line. They were stopping at 9:00. I got to ride at 8:55. Was the last one to get to go up, whew that was lucky. Anyway I got to ride in a balloon, it was awesome. Even if it was tethered.

This evening from 5 til 7, they are haveing the Balloon Glow and Joe and I will be going to watch that. It is not as big as the one in New Mexico but it is my first one and it is still amazing to watch the crews get everything ready and to watch the balloons take flight.
Till next time everyone have fun and be safe.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Sorry that I have not been posting on my blog. There is no excuse. Just lazy I guess.
Just a short update about The Jones'
We are in Yuma Arizona at Kofa SKP Park. We have been going to Mexico checking out the dentists and getting our eyes checked. Joe got new glasses and I got new contacts.
Today I took Joe back to Mexico today and they pulled all of his teeth and put dentures back in. They do look good. But to me he is handsome no matter what. Now he has a prettier smile. He will like it once the feeling comes back.
Everyone take care and have fun.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the road finally!!

Yes we finally picked up our rig and hit the road. I don't know who was happier, Joe and I or Leo. No more hiding for him and we get to sleep in our own bed. Yeah!
So we are getting out of Missouri and going to Dodge City. Which we found out is just another tourist trap. Of course we enjoyed looking around the town and walking the trail of fame. Which have stars in the ground with peoples name in them. Like the stars in Hollywood.

Here is a picture of boot hill.

Here is Joe on the train going to no where.

The Santa Fe Trails, they say are from back in the pioneer days when settlers crossed Kansas in their wagons.
Sure was a ruff way to go. And cold. Out in the open with no shelters except their wagons. We have it so easy now adays. I am so thankful for all that I have. I am blessed.

We did find a park right inside of Dodge City and it was ok. We saw a really neat motor home that parked right in front of us. It is a 1965 Auro van. It was so low to the ground and of course it was made way before leveling jacks, so the guy had to pull up on boards to level it. Love seeing stuff like this on the road.

It was drizzling rain in Dodge City so we decided to just head on toward Colorado. We stopped in La Junta Colorado for the night. We called Brenda and Roger and made plans to meet them today for lunch. Joe called Jim and Bobbie and they will be meeting us also.

We meet up with everyone in Fort Farland Oklahoma.
Here is our welcoming committee.

Roger and Brenda Cyrus

Jim and Bobbie Chapman

We all had lunch together and enjoyed the food and the friends. When we left there we decided to go to Southfork Colorado, where Jim and Bobbie are staying. Jim said he would throw some ribs on the grill and we would have a cook out this evening. Now you know me and BarBQ. I can not hardly turn that down.

So we pulled in and got all set up and headed over to the Chapmans for the cook out. The sun was shining and everyone one was enjoying sitting outside.

Then here comes these dark clouds and it starts to thunder and lightning. When the first drops started to fall we thought they were awfully loud. Well it turned out to be hail. Yes you heard right it was HAIL.

Thank goodness Rich and Terry had a room that we were able to use. So we just moved the cook out inside. We all had a great time. As always the food was great and the company even better. Thanks to our host and hostess for the wonderful meal.

Kansas, Missouri and more waiting.

Yes I know that I am way behind on my blog. I apologize. We have been very busy since I last posted. We had to put our RV in the shop to have a new roof put on. We had a new one put on in March of 2008. But we were not happy with the results and around the back air condition unit was a soft spot. So after talking to the insurance adjuster he told us we could take to Shoreline in Smithville Missouri and they would be able to put a new one on.
Talking to the owner he said they could have a new one on by Thursday maybe Friday. Well this was on Monday. So we loaded up our stuff and Leo and hit the road looking for a Motel that would excepted pets.
We ended up in Kansas at the Comfort Inn. They had said that they allowed pets, but when we got there they really only excepted dogs under 25 pounds. They wouldn't let us stay, even though Leo only weights about 1 pound. Oh well we started looking again. Found one right down the road that the clerk told me to just sneak Leo in the back door and keep him quiet. Poor Leo, he has a hard time being quiet all the time.
Now that we had a place to stay we decided to do the tourist thing. We went to see the worlds largest badminton birdie. HUGE.

We did some other touristy stuff and decided to try the casino for dinner. We had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free buffet. When we were walking into the casino, I saw a sign that said all you can eat crab legs. One of Joe's favorite foods. We spent a little time trying our luck at the machines then we went to the buffet. Man was it ever good. And had a huge selection of food.

We did take a tour of the Harley Davidson Factory. That was a very interesting tour. We were not allowed to take pictures inside of the factory. But we did enjoy the tour. It was also very clean inside. Here is a picture of the front of the building.

Here are a few more pictures of some interesting things we saw while we were waiting for our rig.
This cute truck was in front of the Russell Stover Factory. I think it is to small for us but it sure is sweet.

Here is a neat carving we saw in Shawnee Kansas. As you can see it is carved out of concrete. Very interesting.

Here is Joe standing in front of the carving. Who is this other woman?

Here is a different angle. You can see how large it is.

We went back to Shoreline to check on the RV and it wasn't ready. And when I looked inside all the bedding, the mattress, the carpet in the bathroom, and the rugs were soaking wet. Well I just marched into the office and asked Todd the manager why everything was
wet in the rig. He walked out with me and saw what I was talking about and told me it had got wet while they had it backed out of the garage. And while it was out, it started raining. He assured me that everything would be dry and he would send all the bedding and rugs to the cleaners. Anyway they said it would be Tuesday, because of course Monday was a holiday.

So we had to start looking for another place to stay. We found another Comfort Inn, Joe wanted a hot tub and we had to have one that allowed pets of course. Well this did and we didn't have to hide Leo. But the hot tub was tore up and would not be fixed while we where there. Oh well, we are just so ready to spend the night in our own rig and sleep in our own bed.

More site seeing. Then we went to get the rig and it still was not ready. Joe and the insurance agent were not very happy with Shoreline. But they promised that it would be ready on Wed. after 12:00.
So we drove over to Atchison Kansas and found a nice Hotel and it had a hot tub, indoor swimming pool and a sauna. Leo liked it there too. Nice town with a lot of history. Seems like every town you go by has a historic part. Alot in this area had to do with the railroad. This town was also the home of Amelia Earhart. That was very interesting.
Went back to Shoreline on Wed and they were just finishing up and was getting ready to pull it outside and was it.

So we are finally on the road again and headed toward Dodge City.
More on the next post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the road again!

We left Land between the Lakes today and headed west. We drove 184 miles and we are now sitting in Lower Redman Creek Campground. It is a Corps of Engineers Park. When we arrived we drove around and found a site that was empty and that was not already reserved. We put down the jacks and put out the slide. When Joe went to plug in the electric, it did not work. We thought it was the Rv at first but then when he would hit the box the lights would flicker. So we drove around and had to find another site. We chose another site and set up and then it was time to eat. Thank goodness I had made enough enchilada's yesterday and all I had to do was heat them up.

After dinner, Joe went to set up the satelite, and of couse no signal. So he had to get the external one out and by the time he did all that it was to dark. So he will start fresh tomorrow.
This is a very nice campground. The sites are long and spacious. I think we will enjoy our stay here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoying Land Between the Lakes

Joe and I got up early and headed for Kuttawa Ky. I had read in one of our pamphlets about a Bar-B-Q cookoff there. So off we went. It was a nice drive.
On the way there we passed Lighthouse Landing, so loving lighthouses like I do of course I had to stop and take a few pictures.

When we got there it was on the banks of Barkley Lake. The cookoff was sponsored by Early Times Whiskey and they all so were sponsoring a fishing tournament. Here a picture of their boat they had there.

We walked around the area looking at all the vendors and smelling all that barbeque cooking on all the smokers. We were ready to eat, but we had to wait until 11:00. The judges were judging the food. Joe and I asked at the tasting booth, if we could be a judge. But get this, you have to go to school to be a taste tester (Judge). I never knew that. Oh well. So we walked around some more and finally we were able to buy our lunch. Here is a picture of our pulled pork sandwich plate. You got a sandwich and 2 sides for 5.00. Not to bad.

We took out lunch to the car and drove off to find a picnic area. But we decided to bring it home and eat it there. When we got home I had part of my lunch, Joe went to take a nap and I went to the Nature Station. They charge 4.00 a person. Which is not bad. They give you a map and send you out back to see all the animals. I saw coyote's, fallow deer, white tail deer, wild turkeys, bob cats, vultures, owls, hawks, snakes, fish, turtles, red wolves, opossums, and two of my favorites, eagles and hummingbirds.

These are such amazing little birds. I love to sit and watch them fight over the feeders, they are so territorial.

After supper we headed for the Elk & Bison Prairie to see if we could see any wildlife. We drove around for ever and finally decided that we had got there to early. Finally we saw a herd of elk.

We also saw two big elk bulls.

And finally we saw some Buffalo and Wild Turkeys.

After we got our fill of wildlife we to the Planetarium to watch a show about the planets.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waiting for the rain to stop

My commitment to the Escapees is finally over and we can return to traveling. As we say vacation mode. My time was up on Saturday and we left Racoon Valley Rv Park and headed to Cumberland Gap National Park. We wanted to be close to the family so that we could say goodbye and spend a few days with them.

Jenelle is finally into her new house

and she says that it is haunted. We told her that it is just settleing. She started college at the University of Tennessee yesterday. So now she is a new home owner, worker and a student. That makes me tired just saying it. We all helped load up her stuff and transfer it to the new house. Here is Miss Jaelynn waiting at the trailer for the first load.

We have been doing a few errands and spending time with the family. Miss Jaelynn makes us smile and laugh, all the funny faces that she makes. And be careful because anything that you say she repeats. To funny.

Joe got his new toy (new airplane) last night. It is a lot bigger than the first one. Hope he enjoys it.

We are waiting to see if the rain stops today before we head out and hit the road. The radar is not looking very promising. But if not then we will leave when it does stop. We will be heading to Tucson. Very slowly. We still have 3 states in the middle that we need to add to our map. Here is a picture of Joe putting a protective cover over the map. And his little helper. She would watch everything that he would do. She is so sweet.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still counting the days!

Ok we are really supposed to be rolling down the hightway right now. But I was asked to stay 2 more weeks to help out here at Heiskell, Tn. Which really worked out fine because Joe has tests for the next two weeks.
It will also give us time to help our daughter to move into her new house. She will sign the papers and pick up the keys tomorrow. And she will be a new home owner for the first time. We are very proud of her.
We also will have more time to see the rest of the family. Joe went Tuesday and helped Corey pick up a swing set for Miss Jaelynn. Now they will have to pick a day to put it back together.
As everyone knows Red (half of the Too Krazy Ladies) fell and broke her hip and had a total hip replacement. Please everyone keep her in your prayers. Remember they are adoptees of the Class of 2007. They are part of our extended family.
Joe's dad (Butch) is doing better. He is still a little weak.
We are not sure where we will be going when we leave here. Since it is later than we planned we won't be going north. Will try to keep you informed about our where abouts.
Everyone have fun and be safe.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Counting the days!!

We have 6 days and a wake up before we can hit the road(to Lexington Ky). But at least we can move on down the road.

Today we drove to London Ky. to meet some dear friends. Paul and Connie Anderson. They had a two hour drive and Joe and I had a one hour drive. Yes ours was shorter, only because we were supposed to go and pick up (Butch) Joe's dad. But he was released from the hospital on Wed. and he was still feeling pretty weak.

We all met at the London Flea Market. We walked inside and talked for a while, then of course we decided to go and eat. We all agreed on Mexican, our favorite. The food was excellent, the service great, but the company was priceless. And a class of 07 fix. We really enjoyed our visit. Paul and Connie can make you laugh all day.

Joe took some pictures and I am sure they will be posted on his blog soon.

We parted company about 4 oclock and went to see Butch. Connie had baked him a cake. Of course she knows how Joe is and so she baked two cakes, just so that she would be sure that Butch got his cake.
While we were visiting, a weather report showed a strong storm heading toward Knoxville. Well we had left the awning out, so we headed toward the rig. I drove and tried to outrun the storm the whole way. We did beat it and was able to put the awning in and are now eating Lasagna and relaxing.

This week we will be getting ready to move, packing and cleaning.

Everyone have fun and be careful.
See you down the road.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello everyone. It is has been raining for over an hour. Not just drizzle but pouring.The small creek behind the RV Park is over the banks and over the bridge. Joe and I were sitting here playing hand and foot with Skip bo cards and watching out the rv window at people going to the creek and getting stuff that was floating down the creek.

Then we see this guy going with some ropes and chains, so of course I had to go and check out what was going on. A fellow camper was out there and it was his boat that was lodged against the bridge and several people were helping him try to dislodge it.

There was an RV that came in when it first started raining about 6:00pm and the water was up to the back of his rig.

I thought everyone was going to have to pack up and leave.
What a storm. We even had strong wind and hail.
It is 8:00 now and it is still raining but the water is going down and I don't think we will have leave. Never a dull moment in the life of a full timer.

Everyone have fun and be safe.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class Reunion

It's been a while since I posted. We have been busy. Last weekend was my 30th class reunion. They had one on the 5 year and the 10 year but I was unable to attend. When I found out we were having a 30 and that we were actually going to be in the area, I asked Joe if he would go with me. He said yes.
We moved the RV over to Middlesboro on Thursday evening. We were having some more work done on it on Friday. Shocks and emergency brake.
Friday morning we were up at 6:00 to have the rig at the garage at 7:00. Then we went to Joe's dad and I did some things around the house that needed to be done. Friday evening we picked up the rig and drove over to Cumberland Gap National Park. It is a very nice campground.

Friday at 6:00 the class of 1979 was having family night at one of the area parks. I really enjoyed seeing my classmates from high school. Some had changed and some still looked the same. People were saying that I looked the same. But I don't think so.

Saturday we had a family reunion at Joe's aunt Stelmo's house in Heiskell Tn. Joe's dad went with us, they sure did have some good home cooked food. We visited with them for a while then headed back to Middlesbor. I still had to find a outfit to wear to the reunion. The dinner was being held at the Middlesboro Country Club. I had lived in Middlesboro for 45 years and had never been inside of the CC. At 7:00 we arrived at the CC and they started the attivities at about 7:30. We all gathered around and had a few pictures taken of the group.

Then Billy Joe said grace and we all dug into the wonderful finger foods that they had for us. It was delicious. Then the party started.Joe and I had took the Margarator. But Joe was my designated driver. The only place we had for the Margarator was back in the kitchen, so when someone wanted something to drink they would come and get me and I would go and get them a margarita. For some reason they wouldn't go without me. Well that was kind of back because when I would fill their glass, somehow mine would get filled too. LOL
The DJ was one of mine and Joe's old rescue squad members. He did a pretty good job of playing a lot of the 70's and 80's. If you went to him and made a request he did his best to play it.
We had a ball when he played Loco Motion.

And of course we had to do YMCA. Some times we couldn't spell but everyone had alot of fun trying. Our theme song for our Junior and Senior Prom was Stairway to Heaven. We had made a request, so when the song started playing I drug Joe out onto the dance floor with me. He doesn't like to dance but he will sacrafice hisself for just one maybe two dances. But from the looks of the picture, he wasn't complaining to much.

Needless to say I had a great time. I hope Joe did. He says he enjoyed taking pictures and watching me dance. He is such a terrific husband. How did I get so lucky.

Looking forward to the 35th reunion. If we are in the area.

Sunday evening we drove the rig back to Racoon Valley Rv Park in Heiskell Tn. I had to go back to work on Monday morning.
We only have 4 more weeks until our committment with the Escapees is done and we can go back to vacation mode.

Till next time everyone have fun and be safe.