Thursday, May 28, 2009


We are having a great time here at the Escapee Escapade.
There is always something to do. Lots of classes and lots of people to see. We volunteered to help Bob Pinner, drive the golf cart around the fair grounds and offer rides to people.

Of course the first couple of days were great, and then the rain started. And when you get rain, you get mud. Mud and heavy duty trucks and RV's do not mix. There were a lot of people stuck in the mud and the wrecker service is staying very busy.
Here is a picture of one gentlemen's van and Rv.
I do believe he will be very busy cleaning the mud off of both of them.

We have had several '07' get togethers. The margarator made an apperance at the potatoe bake. And if you look close you will see two of them. Faye was getting lessons from Joe on how to make Margarita's.

Today was the Pet Parade. Here are several pictures of some of the entries in the parade.
Hank and Patty's dogs, Scooter and Molly.
3 Yorkies (triplets)
The Clown
And the other 3 are therapy dogs

And there was even a bird named Dusty. Dusty's owner would lay him in her palm and with her other hand she would act like she shot him and he would play dead. Wonder if I could teach Leo that. LOL

And Elvis and Peggy Sue even made an appearance!

Wonder what Fay had to promise him to get him to do this? What a great sport he is.

Till next time everyone be safe and have fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally at Escapade 2009

We have been running around with the Carter's. It's nice to have someone traveling with you and spending the evening sitting around trading stories. We all left Kelly park in Burlington Kansas and headed toward the Escapade. We stopped off at a small city park in Windsore Missouri. The price was right, it was only 10.00 a night.

The next day(Wednesday) Joe and I left and headed on into Sedalia. We traveled 30 miles. Boy was we tired. Jay and Fay decided to stay at the city park and drive in the next day. We got to Tire City and they said they had an opening, so Joe drove the rig on into the bay and 2 hours later (and a good chunk of change) we drove out with 6 new tires.

We decided to go on into the Fair grounds, they had full hook ups for 18.00. It was pretty hot. This way we would be able to run the air. There was only 3 other rigs there when we pulled in. Thursday, Jay and Fay and Lulu pulled in about 9:00am and Greg and Jean arrived about 12:30.

The Too Crazy Ladies arrived about 6:00 pm. We all did what we do best when we all get together, EAT. I just thought that since everyone was traveling that they wouldn't feel like cooking, so I told everyone not to worry about dinner. I fixed chicken salad, a recipe I got from Brenda. Thank you Brenda.
Friday was moving day. Again! But this time it will be until the last of the Escapade. Joe led the way and the guys followed in the
RV's and the ladies followed in the cars.

Here is Paul Anderson hard at work!

Connie Anderson giving Greg directions on where to park.

After everyone was settled in we had a pot luck. And of course, there was way to much food. But it was all good. A good time was had by all. From the class of 2007 ,there was Paul and Connie, Fay and Jay, Bob and Molly, Greg and Jean,Joe and myself. Friends we had met in Bushnell, Fla. Rich and Mary. And new friends, Keith and

After we all stuffed ourselves, Joe put on a one plane show for us. He's getting pretty good, I believe it is time for an upgrade.

Till next time have fun and be safe.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy days

Yesterday (Sunday) was a day to get stuff done. Faye and I decided to go do laundry, so we could also wash our rugs. In Escapee parks you are not allowed to wash rugs in their washers. While we were gone the guys were doing their own thing. Joe's was fixing the plug on the tracker.

Jay's was getting rid of some hitchhikers he had picked up on the way to Burlington Kansas.

And Lulu was just relaxing in the sun. She had to take a nap because she was wore out just watching the guys work so hard.

Faye decided to help Jay wash the RV and since Joe had the pressure washer he helped. They did a great job. Now she is ready for Escapade.

Overall it was a very productive day. And the dinner was also very good.

Today (Monday) we drove to Nuwa to take a tour of their factory. Well when we got there, we were told that they had stopped production in December and wouldn't start up again until June. But they did let us go in the back and look through the 5er's they had in the building.
After that we drove through the town of Chanute Kansas. We found Cardinal Drug Store. They have an old fashioned soda fountain and we decided to go in and get a soda. Well when we went in, they told us that the carbonation was out of order. So Jay bought a chocolate malt for him and Faye to share. Faye and I went into a shop next door to look at the window display and when we came back out, Jay had eat or drank the whole malt.


So on the way back from Chanute, I reminded Faye that this is Monday and that the little mexican restaurant up the street has $1.00 Margarita's on Monday and Tuesday. So guess where we are going and Jay will be the DD.
Till next time be safe and have fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never a dull moment

When we got up this morning the sky was blue, but it was very windy. About 1:00 we decided to go on down the road. Well when we got everything together and in it's place, Joe put it in gear and the rig just sat there. Oh no the wheels were spinning. We were stuck. So out we went and the tires were sunk into the ground. Joe got out some of our spare wood and I went in and jacked up the back of the RV.
Got back in the RV and the wheels were still spinning. So we unhooked the car and tied a rope to the front of the Tracker and the back of the Rv. And to my amazement the tracker pulled the stuck RV out. Wow. So we hooked back up and off we went.
Now we are sitting in Burlington Kansas at Kelley Park. It is $6.00 for water and electric. If you are over 60 it is only $4.00. And a good thing we are on blacktop, so no sinking!
Till next time have fun and be safe.

Wind and Rain

We left the Carter's and headed north. We had no certain place that we were going, just meandering down the road. If you drive the back roads you just never know what you might see along the way.
We saw these metal sculptures along the road and just had to stop to take pictures of them. Pretty cool. Of course we are in Kansas so we did find the Tin Man. Now where are the rest of the Oz group.

We found a nice city park in Madison Kansas.

So we are sitting here waiting out the winds and rain. The lake is pretty full and rising.

Yesterday we even had some hail, about the size of nickels. Today the sun is shining but it is still very windy. Not sure if we are moving or staying. Depends on how Joe feels today.
Till next time, everyone be safe.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving day

We will be moving on down the road today. Heading for Kansas. We hate to leave good friends, but we will be seeing them down the road.
We have really had a great time with the Carters. And for some one that says she can't cook, she has done a fine job of being Miss Betty Faye Crocker. LOL
Joe has been looking on the computer for places to stop and he has found a town in Missouri called Climax. Of course we have to go there to put that on our list of places we have been. Just like Intercourse Pennsylvania. Just to say you have been there.
Life is great when you don't really have anywhere that you have to be and you can just pick a place and go. Life is great.
Everyone be safe and we will see you down the road.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keystone State Park

We left Roger and Brenda on Thursday. It had been raining and we saw a clearing in the weather and decided to hit the road and head toward Tulsa. Roger and Brenda were excellent hostes, they treated us like royalty. Thank you guys for everything and we will see you all down the road. Be safe.

We are in Keystone State Park in Oklahoma visitin with our
friends, Faye and Jay Carter. As you can see Faye is using her hands to tell us a story.

Here is a picture of Miss Lulu, Jay and Fayes baby.

We are enjoying our visit. Of course the weather has been cloudy and looking like it is going to rain. Friday, while Joe and Jay took a nap, Faye took me to see her horse (Trigger).

Saturday,when we got us this morning the sky was blue, but about 9:00 the clouds were rolling in. Faye and Jay invited us over for a cookout. We had the privilege of meeting part of Fayes family (The Weavers). There were about 20 of us at the cookout. About the time we started setting everything up, the blue skies returned. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Here is Jay cooking the crew some hot dogs. And doing a fine job.

Here is a picture of Faye and her two sisters (Regina and Linda) and her brother John.

Lulu, just relaxing in the sun.

Everyone enjoying the food and company.

And of course The Margarator was out in full force.

Our time here with the Carter's is about over and we will be heading to Kansas, then to Missouri.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Mother's Day, where ever you may be. Enjoy the one you are with. Till next time. Be safe and have fun.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waterfalls and Wildlife

We are at Roger and Brenda's home base, located just outside of Ft. Smith Arkansas. They are actually in Oklahoma. Yesterday was a catch up day. Brenda made some awesome Chicken Salad. And for dessert she made a Paula Dean Kentucky Chocolate Pie. Yes I had to have a sliver. Man was it mouth watering good.
After lunch we decided to go to the casino and play the slots. What a blast. I laughed at Roger a lot playing the monkey slot machine. We all had a good time.
Today, Roger took us on a tour of the area mountains. We went to Devils Den and Ft. Smith State Park.

Here is a picture of Roger and Brenda in front of the Dam at Ozark-St. Francis Natural Dam in Arkansas.

On our way to Devils Den, we encountered a minor obstacle. Where we have had so much rain, the creeks were up. So Roger had to drive through some water to get to the other side of the road. He really enjoyed playing in the water.

And so did Joe!

Roger was telling us about a huge Beaver dam and we stopped on the side of the road to see it. Here is come pictures of the dam and of some wild life we saw. Of course we didn't see the beavers. They were probably tired from working so hard on their dam.

On the way to Ft.Smith State Park, I noticed some deer in the woods and we stopped to get pictures. There were 5 of them. Here is a good picture of one before they all took off down the hill.

We stopped at Devils Den to see the water falls

and to have a picnic. The waterfalls were awesome, the food was delicious

but the weather was lacking some sunshine. Even Roger was complaining about being cold, and he hardly ever gets cold. But it was an enjoyable day. After we got through site seeing we went to this store called A to Z. And they had a seperate store for just about everything.
After shopping we all decided to go to Western Sizzlin to have dinner. It was very good.

Brenda, Joe and I decided we wanted to go play Bingo at the V.O.A.
(Veterans of America). We talked Roger into going with us. Of couse Mr. Lucky won tonight. He is on a winning streak. Which is good. While we were there it came another huge storm. I'm tired of rain and want to see some sunshine. I need some vitamin D in the form of sun, instead of a pill. Jay and Faye please have some sunshine when we get there. Even though we have not had good weather, we are enjoying our time here in Oklahoma. It's always nice to see friends in new places.

Till next time be safe and have fun.