Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally at Escapade 2009

We have been running around with the Carter's. It's nice to have someone traveling with you and spending the evening sitting around trading stories. We all left Kelly park in Burlington Kansas and headed toward the Escapade. We stopped off at a small city park in Windsore Missouri. The price was right, it was only 10.00 a night.

The next day(Wednesday) Joe and I left and headed on into Sedalia. We traveled 30 miles. Boy was we tired. Jay and Fay decided to stay at the city park and drive in the next day. We got to Tire City and they said they had an opening, so Joe drove the rig on into the bay and 2 hours later (and a good chunk of change) we drove out with 6 new tires.

We decided to go on into the Fair grounds, they had full hook ups for 18.00. It was pretty hot. This way we would be able to run the air. There was only 3 other rigs there when we pulled in. Thursday, Jay and Fay and Lulu pulled in about 9:00am and Greg and Jean arrived about 12:30.

The Too Crazy Ladies arrived about 6:00 pm. We all did what we do best when we all get together, EAT. I just thought that since everyone was traveling that they wouldn't feel like cooking, so I told everyone not to worry about dinner. I fixed chicken salad, a recipe I got from Brenda. Thank you Brenda.
Friday was moving day. Again! But this time it will be until the last of the Escapade. Joe led the way and the guys followed in the
RV's and the ladies followed in the cars.

Here is Paul Anderson hard at work!

Connie Anderson giving Greg directions on where to park.

After everyone was settled in we had a pot luck. And of course, there was way to much food. But it was all good. A good time was had by all. From the class of 2007 ,there was Paul and Connie, Fay and Jay, Bob and Molly, Greg and Jean,Joe and myself. Friends we had met in Bushnell, Fla. Rich and Mary. And new friends, Keith and

After we all stuffed ourselves, Joe put on a one plane show for us. He's getting pretty good, I believe it is time for an upgrade.

Till next time have fun and be safe.

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  1. Tell everyone we said hello. Have a grest time at the Escapade. We are in Nevada and are planning on spending the summer in the Northwest.