Thursday, May 28, 2009


We are having a great time here at the Escapee Escapade.
There is always something to do. Lots of classes and lots of people to see. We volunteered to help Bob Pinner, drive the golf cart around the fair grounds and offer rides to people.

Of course the first couple of days were great, and then the rain started. And when you get rain, you get mud. Mud and heavy duty trucks and RV's do not mix. There were a lot of people stuck in the mud and the wrecker service is staying very busy.
Here is a picture of one gentlemen's van and Rv.
I do believe he will be very busy cleaning the mud off of both of them.

We have had several '07' get togethers. The margarator made an apperance at the potatoe bake. And if you look close you will see two of them. Faye was getting lessons from Joe on how to make Margarita's.

Today was the Pet Parade. Here are several pictures of some of the entries in the parade.
Hank and Patty's dogs, Scooter and Molly.
3 Yorkies (triplets)
The Clown
And the other 3 are therapy dogs

And there was even a bird named Dusty. Dusty's owner would lay him in her palm and with her other hand she would act like she shot him and he would play dead. Wonder if I could teach Leo that. LOL

And Elvis and Peggy Sue even made an appearance!

Wonder what Fay had to promise him to get him to do this? What a great sport he is.

Till next time everyone be safe and have fun.

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