Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On to new places

It is finally time to raise the jacks, pull in the slide, hook up the tracker and hit the road. I have enjoyed our time here in Livingston. Meeting new people and old friends.

We have gotten to know Beth and Red (the too crazy ladies) better while we have been here. They will be at the Escapade in Missouri, so we will see them there. We also enjoyed seeing our fellow classmates. When you go to new campgrounds, it is great to see faces that you recognize. Makes you feel like you have family members close. I guess in a way, they are our family. They are our RV family.

Sometimes you see some strange things. In the 6 weeks that I have been hosting here in Livingston, some campers would come into the office and tell us that there was a birds nest on some camp sites and ask us not to put anyone on that site. Apparently a certain bird would lay her eggs in the strangest places. On the electric box, in the grass and now there is a nest in the middles of site

She layed 2 eggs last week and two more this week. She will sit on her eggs no matter what. Someone did pull into the site this past weekend and she didn't move. The guy saw after he got out of his truck. Even during all this heavy rain and wind that we have been having, she will not leave her eggs. There isn't even a nest. She just layed her eggs in the gravel. When you walk close to her she spreads her wings and gives a warning sound, like don't come any closer. Anyway these little birds are called Kill Deer. What a big name for such a small bird. They are really very unusual. Here is a picture of the bird sitting on her eggs.

I'm looking forward to meandering on down the road. We are going to Ft. Smith Arkansas to see Roger and Brenda. Then to Tulsa OK to see Faye, Jay and Lulu. Then we are going to Kansas. And then to Missouri. Looking forward to our first Escapade, and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Till next time, Love Marcia

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  1. Hi, Marcia! Happy to see you're heading to Ft. Smith to see us, but we're in ARkansas, not Alaska...just don't want you misleading folks about how far you're driving! lol
    See you soon!
    Brenda & Roger