Thursday, June 4, 2009

We arrived back in Kentucky on Sunday. First thing we did was go to the store to get the fixings for Biscuits and Gravy. We always gather at Butch's (Joes dad) for biscuits and grave and call everyone to come up and it's a good way to see everyone at once. And we had to check on Scott and see how he was really doing and not just what he wanted to tell us. He looked like the old saying (Road hard and put up wet). Corey and Jennifer brought Jaelynn up to Butch's to see us. Corey had to work, so Joe and I put a rush on the gravy and biscuits so he could eat before work.
Miss Jaelynn is sure growing, by leaps and bounds. She will throw you kisses and wink at you. Love those kisses.

On Monday, I went to the lake with Corey and Jaelynn and some of his friends from work. We had a blast. He has two wave runners and they are fun. We all took turns riding. Here is Corey posing Jaelynn on the wave runner just for pictures.

Corey's friend Sarah, has a camper at the lake and we were able to just play around her dock. Jaelynn was having a blast splashing in the water.

I love to babysit Miss Jaelynn, while her daddy gets his work around the yard done.

If it is not raining today, we will be moving over to Heiskell Tn. to Racoon Valley Escapees RV Park. We will only be 1 hour away from the family. Our daughter Jenelle lives in Knoxville. So we will get to visit with her some while we are there.

Till next time have fun and be safe.


  1. Enjoy! Enjoy!

    Tom & Paula

  2. Jaelynn is a little DOLL! I know you're enjoying having some time with her. Have fun!