Monday, April 6, 2009

She's walking!

Miss Jaelynn Faith Jones
One year ago, we were in Texas having a new roof put on the RV. We were trying to get back to Ky. before the arrival of our grandaughter. But as luck would have it we didn't make it. But we finally did make it. She was beautiful. Of course I may be prejudice. This year on March 8th she turned 1 year old. Joe bought me a roung trip ticket, to Ky. What a wonderful husband I have.
I just recieved an e-mail from our daughter in law, telling me that Miss Jaelynn is walking! Of course Joe and I was not the only ones that missed it. Corey was a work and Jennifer was at the store. When she got back to pick up Jaelynn she was walking around with her hands in the air and then she would clap for herself.
So now nothing will be safe. She will be able to get into everything. What were we thinking? Wanting her to walk? Just like talking once they start they never stop. But isn't that wonderful!
She is also drinking from a sippy cup. The bottle went away. That's what they told her. She is growing up to fast.

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