Sunday, April 12, 2009

Killing Time

We are just killing time in Livingston, Tx until we can hit the road. I am looking forward to going the our first Escapade in Missouri. Seeing our 2007 classmates. And experiencing the Escapee Escapade.
We are having a mini reunion here in Livingston. There are 9 of us here.
Today we will be going to the Club House for a big Easter Dinner. There will 14 at our table. Looking forward to having some ham. Each of us will bring a side dish. Of course I will be taking a garden salad and deviled eggs. One of Bob Pinner's favorites. That way I know of 3 things that I can eat.
I want to ask my fellow class mates to remember Miss Faye (Betty Crocker) Carter in your prayers. She will be having knee surgery on the 27th of April. The doctors will be repairing her left knee. They won't do anything for her right knee for a while. They said she needs a total knee replacement, but that she is to young. So everyone be thinking about her and praying she makes a fast recovery so that maybe she and Jay can come to the Escapade.
Some friends of ours that we met in Quartzite Az will be coming into the park for a visit today. Looking forward to seeing them. Some of you may remember them, their names are Roger and Brenda Cyrus. They would come and visit us at the camp fire. He is the one that has a motorcycle like the one that Joe did have.
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.
I got an email today with information on my class reunion. 30 years. Man am I getting old. It will be in June. Thankfully we will be in Tn. at that time and it is only an hour away from our hometown. Looking forward to seeing old friends that I've not seen in a long time.
Be safe and we'll see you down the road.

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