Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A great visit

The wait is finally over and our son arrived for a short visit at 4:30 am on Monday morning. He is in the Army and has been in Iraq for 12 months. He arrived back in the US and after checking in at his base in Arizona, he flew to Ky to see family and his 3 boys. Then on his way back to AZ he stopped off to see us. He looks good. Now get this all, he can't stand the heat. While we were sitting outside yesterday, Joe and I were enjoying the sun and the 70's. But Jon was complaining because he said it was hot.
Jon and Joe decided to play some pool. Of course Joe win's. Here is a picture of the two of them.


We went out to eat at one of the Mexican places here in Livingston. After dinner we decided to stop and fly Joe's plane. He is really enjoying this new hobby. Thank you Leland. I believe he is ready for a bigger one. Jon did really well with his turn at flying the plane. I guess all these years of playing video games has his fingers very limber and quick. Here is a picture of Joe's plane and of Jonathan getting ready to fly.

We have enjoyed his visit. Wish it could have been longer, but he has to be back at base Thursday morning. He wanted to leave this morning about 6am but didn't get on the road until after 7am. He will call us when he gets there, probably not until 1 or 2 am Wed. morning. Everyone keep him and all the armed forces in your prayers. And remember when you see a vet whether active or retired, THANK them for their service. Till later, Love Marcia

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