Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Life!

You know if you wait until something happens to post on your blog, it may be awhile. Because the life style we lead is wonderful. Like this week has been a lazy week. Well not really lazy, but just hanging out at home and getting a few things done here. Like cleaning out cabinets and rearranging things. And no I don't do it to confuse Joe. He will still be able to find the things that he'll be looking for.
It feels good not having to be or go anywhere. We have been getting to know our fellow class mates, Greg and Jean and their dogs. We played Hand and Foot tonight, and the gals won. It was a close game. We haven't seen Marty for a few days. Last we heard he was getting a few things done in his 5er.
We have more class mates coming in tomorrow. David and Kathy.
I've been keeping up with everyone's blog. Some are like me and haven't posted in a few days.
Not much going on here this week. Joe did make me a clothe's line for the ladder on the back of the RV. That will come in handy, now that it's spring time.
Everyone have a great day and until next time.

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