Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class Reunion

It's been a while since I posted. We have been busy. Last weekend was my 30th class reunion. They had one on the 5 year and the 10 year but I was unable to attend. When I found out we were having a 30 and that we were actually going to be in the area, I asked Joe if he would go with me. He said yes.
We moved the RV over to Middlesboro on Thursday evening. We were having some more work done on it on Friday. Shocks and emergency brake.
Friday morning we were up at 6:00 to have the rig at the garage at 7:00. Then we went to Joe's dad and I did some things around the house that needed to be done. Friday evening we picked up the rig and drove over to Cumberland Gap National Park. It is a very nice campground.

Friday at 6:00 the class of 1979 was having family night at one of the area parks. I really enjoyed seeing my classmates from high school. Some had changed and some still looked the same. People were saying that I looked the same. But I don't think so.

Saturday we had a family reunion at Joe's aunt Stelmo's house in Heiskell Tn. Joe's dad went with us, they sure did have some good home cooked food. We visited with them for a while then headed back to Middlesbor. I still had to find a outfit to wear to the reunion. The dinner was being held at the Middlesboro Country Club. I had lived in Middlesboro for 45 years and had never been inside of the CC. At 7:00 we arrived at the CC and they started the attivities at about 7:30. We all gathered around and had a few pictures taken of the group.

Then Billy Joe said grace and we all dug into the wonderful finger foods that they had for us. It was delicious. Then the party started.Joe and I had took the Margarator. But Joe was my designated driver. The only place we had for the Margarator was back in the kitchen, so when someone wanted something to drink they would come and get me and I would go and get them a margarita. For some reason they wouldn't go without me. Well that was kind of back because when I would fill their glass, somehow mine would get filled too. LOL
The DJ was one of mine and Joe's old rescue squad members. He did a pretty good job of playing a lot of the 70's and 80's. If you went to him and made a request he did his best to play it.
We had a ball when he played Loco Motion.

And of course we had to do YMCA. Some times we couldn't spell but everyone had alot of fun trying. Our theme song for our Junior and Senior Prom was Stairway to Heaven. We had made a request, so when the song started playing I drug Joe out onto the dance floor with me. He doesn't like to dance but he will sacrafice hisself for just one maybe two dances. But from the looks of the picture, he wasn't complaining to much.

Needless to say I had a great time. I hope Joe did. He says he enjoyed taking pictures and watching me dance. He is such a terrific husband. How did I get so lucky.

Looking forward to the 35th reunion. If we are in the area.

Sunday evening we drove the rig back to Racoon Valley Rv Park in Heiskell Tn. I had to go back to work on Monday morning.
We only have 4 more weeks until our committment with the Escapees is done and we can go back to vacation mode.

Till next time everyone have fun and be safe.

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  1. Hey Lady,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time, but are you still recovering from this or are you just getting like Paul? ;-)

    love ya,