Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day with the kids

Well tomorrow (Thursday) will be my last day of work for the first week. Only six more to go. It's slower here than the other places that I have worked. But we have great Managers. Kris and Jim Todd, we worked for them at Bushnell Fla.

Today (Wed) Corey brought all the grand babies over to spend the day with us and to go swimming. We had a great time with them. But man do they wear me out. But that is the good thing about grand children you can play with them and then give them back. And take a week to recoup.
Our daughter Jenelle received some good news yesterday.She was approved for her home loan. Her and Joe went to look at the property today and they will start on hers next week. It is supposed to be finished the middle of August. She is really doing good here in Knoxville. She will also start college in August.
Everyone have fun and be safe.

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