Sunday, June 7, 2009

Racoon Valley Rv Park

We made it to Escapees Racoon Valley Rv Park. Checked in the office and since we will be here for 7 weeks and I am hosting, they told us we could either be up front or way in the back in the corner. Well you know us and we chose the corner in the back.
Jim and Kris Todd are the managers here until the 1st of August,the same as us.
After we got set up, our daughter (Jenelle) came over. She lives right here in Knoxville. She made the move from Staten Island NY, last year at the time. We were staying here in the same park. She stayed with us while she looked for employment and an apartment.
Now she has her own apartment and 2 jobs, and she starts school at University of Tennessee in August.
Yesterday we went to the Green Acres Flea Market, I have never seen it so empty. but listening to the regulars, looks like Sunday is the day to browse the flea market. Any way I found a slow cooker, like Miss Molly's. I even had to call her and tell her about my find. Now she just needs to send recipe's.
We came back to the rig and Nellie went home to rest and Joe started cleaning all the mud off of the tracker. I painted new boards for the leveling jacks to sit on.
I had to put out the hummingbird feeder. Love to sit and watch them fight over the food.
Work starts on Monday. Will be working Mon. Tues. and Wed. Not a bad deal and get to see family and friends while we are here.
Till next time, have fun and be safe.

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