Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kansas, Missouri and more waiting.

Yes I know that I am way behind on my blog. I apologize. We have been very busy since I last posted. We had to put our RV in the shop to have a new roof put on. We had a new one put on in March of 2008. But we were not happy with the results and around the back air condition unit was a soft spot. So after talking to the insurance adjuster he told us we could take to Shoreline in Smithville Missouri and they would be able to put a new one on.
Talking to the owner he said they could have a new one on by Thursday maybe Friday. Well this was on Monday. So we loaded up our stuff and Leo and hit the road looking for a Motel that would excepted pets.
We ended up in Kansas at the Comfort Inn. They had said that they allowed pets, but when we got there they really only excepted dogs under 25 pounds. They wouldn't let us stay, even though Leo only weights about 1 pound. Oh well we started looking again. Found one right down the road that the clerk told me to just sneak Leo in the back door and keep him quiet. Poor Leo, he has a hard time being quiet all the time.
Now that we had a place to stay we decided to do the tourist thing. We went to see the worlds largest badminton birdie. HUGE.

We did some other touristy stuff and decided to try the casino for dinner. We had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free buffet. When we were walking into the casino, I saw a sign that said all you can eat crab legs. One of Joe's favorite foods. We spent a little time trying our luck at the machines then we went to the buffet. Man was it ever good. And had a huge selection of food.

We did take a tour of the Harley Davidson Factory. That was a very interesting tour. We were not allowed to take pictures inside of the factory. But we did enjoy the tour. It was also very clean inside. Here is a picture of the front of the building.

Here are a few more pictures of some interesting things we saw while we were waiting for our rig.
This cute truck was in front of the Russell Stover Factory. I think it is to small for us but it sure is sweet.

Here is a neat carving we saw in Shawnee Kansas. As you can see it is carved out of concrete. Very interesting.

Here is Joe standing in front of the carving. Who is this other woman?

Here is a different angle. You can see how large it is.

We went back to Shoreline to check on the RV and it wasn't ready. And when I looked inside all the bedding, the mattress, the carpet in the bathroom, and the rugs were soaking wet. Well I just marched into the office and asked Todd the manager why everything was
wet in the rig. He walked out with me and saw what I was talking about and told me it had got wet while they had it backed out of the garage. And while it was out, it started raining. He assured me that everything would be dry and he would send all the bedding and rugs to the cleaners. Anyway they said it would be Tuesday, because of course Monday was a holiday.

So we had to start looking for another place to stay. We found another Comfort Inn, Joe wanted a hot tub and we had to have one that allowed pets of course. Well this did and we didn't have to hide Leo. But the hot tub was tore up and would not be fixed while we where there. Oh well, we are just so ready to spend the night in our own rig and sleep in our own bed.

More site seeing. Then we went to get the rig and it still was not ready. Joe and the insurance agent were not very happy with Shoreline. But they promised that it would be ready on Wed. after 12:00.
So we drove over to Atchison Kansas and found a nice Hotel and it had a hot tub, indoor swimming pool and a sauna. Leo liked it there too. Nice town with a lot of history. Seems like every town you go by has a historic part. Alot in this area had to do with the railroad. This town was also the home of Amelia Earhart. That was very interesting.
Went back to Shoreline on Wed and they were just finishing up and was getting ready to pull it outside and was it.

So we are finally on the road again and headed toward Dodge City.
More on the next post.

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