Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the road again!

We left Land between the Lakes today and headed west. We drove 184 miles and we are now sitting in Lower Redman Creek Campground. It is a Corps of Engineers Park. When we arrived we drove around and found a site that was empty and that was not already reserved. We put down the jacks and put out the slide. When Joe went to plug in the electric, it did not work. We thought it was the Rv at first but then when he would hit the box the lights would flicker. So we drove around and had to find another site. We chose another site and set up and then it was time to eat. Thank goodness I had made enough enchilada's yesterday and all I had to do was heat them up.

After dinner, Joe went to set up the satelite, and of couse no signal. So he had to get the external one out and by the time he did all that it was to dark. So he will start fresh tomorrow.
This is a very nice campground. The sites are long and spacious. I think we will enjoy our stay here.

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