Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoying Land Between the Lakes

Joe and I got up early and headed for Kuttawa Ky. I had read in one of our pamphlets about a Bar-B-Q cookoff there. So off we went. It was a nice drive.
On the way there we passed Lighthouse Landing, so loving lighthouses like I do of course I had to stop and take a few pictures.

When we got there it was on the banks of Barkley Lake. The cookoff was sponsored by Early Times Whiskey and they all so were sponsoring a fishing tournament. Here a picture of their boat they had there.

We walked around the area looking at all the vendors and smelling all that barbeque cooking on all the smokers. We were ready to eat, but we had to wait until 11:00. The judges were judging the food. Joe and I asked at the tasting booth, if we could be a judge. But get this, you have to go to school to be a taste tester (Judge). I never knew that. Oh well. So we walked around some more and finally we were able to buy our lunch. Here is a picture of our pulled pork sandwich plate. You got a sandwich and 2 sides for 5.00. Not to bad.

We took out lunch to the car and drove off to find a picnic area. But we decided to bring it home and eat it there. When we got home I had part of my lunch, Joe went to take a nap and I went to the Nature Station. They charge 4.00 a person. Which is not bad. They give you a map and send you out back to see all the animals. I saw coyote's, fallow deer, white tail deer, wild turkeys, bob cats, vultures, owls, hawks, snakes, fish, turtles, red wolves, opossums, and two of my favorites, eagles and hummingbirds.

These are such amazing little birds. I love to sit and watch them fight over the feeders, they are so territorial.

After supper we headed for the Elk & Bison Prairie to see if we could see any wildlife. We drove around for ever and finally decided that we had got there to early. Finally we saw a herd of elk.

We also saw two big elk bulls.

And finally we saw some Buffalo and Wild Turkeys.

After we got our fill of wildlife we to the Planetarium to watch a show about the planets.

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