Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waiting for the rain to stop

My commitment to the Escapees is finally over and we can return to traveling. As we say vacation mode. My time was up on Saturday and we left Racoon Valley Rv Park and headed to Cumberland Gap National Park. We wanted to be close to the family so that we could say goodbye and spend a few days with them.

Jenelle is finally into her new house

and she says that it is haunted. We told her that it is just settleing. She started college at the University of Tennessee yesterday. So now she is a new home owner, worker and a student. That makes me tired just saying it. We all helped load up her stuff and transfer it to the new house. Here is Miss Jaelynn waiting at the trailer for the first load.

We have been doing a few errands and spending time with the family. Miss Jaelynn makes us smile and laugh, all the funny faces that she makes. And be careful because anything that you say she repeats. To funny.

Joe got his new toy (new airplane) last night. It is a lot bigger than the first one. Hope he enjoys it.

We are waiting to see if the rain stops today before we head out and hit the road. The radar is not looking very promising. But if not then we will leave when it does stop. We will be heading to Tucson. Very slowly. We still have 3 states in the middle that we need to add to our map. Here is a picture of Joe putting a protective cover over the map. And his little helper. She would watch everything that he would do. She is so sweet.


  1. It is nice to have little helpers around.

  2. You're both really gonna miss that little helper, too!