Thursday, March 26, 2009

That dirty 4 letter word (Work)

We made it to Rainbow's End in Livingston Texas on Sunday, March 22.
This is a very large park. Checked into the office and they said I would start work on Thursday. We got set up and had something to eat, then we went looking aroung the park. We went to Social hour and got there just as they had started. The lady that was hosting social hour caught us as we walked in and we had to stand in front of everyone and tell who we were and a little explanation about our life. I found a pinochle game in the Club House. While I played cards, Joe watched Kentucky bsketball on tv. They sure do play a different kind of pinochle than what I am used to. But that seems to be the way with all card games at Escapee parks.
Yesterday (Wed) while Joe watched Ky play basketball on tv, a lady from the park named Vera and myself went to Bingo. While we were there we could hear the rain and thunder going on outside. I called and checked on Joe and he said he was trying to hold the Rv down. He did a good job, because when I got home it was still in the same spot.
Today we went to the Parks yardsale. They sure had a lot of stuff to sell. I went to work at 1:30. Everything is divided into two parts. The Oaks and Rainbow's End. Each has a register and seperate registration everything. But it was a learning experience.
It will be fun, and we will only be here for 5 weeks. Then we get to go and play for a month. Looking forward to not having to be anywhere for a couple of weeks and just do what we want.
Well gotta go, will post more later.


  1. HI looks great!
    We should arrive at Livingston either Sunday or Monday. Rockport is would love it. Come on down next winter will you?

  2. I agree--the blog looks great and the Rockport/Port Aransas area is terrific! Don't let them work you TOO hard.

  3. Great pic of you two in the blue bonnets. The inset picture is a great idea!