Monday, March 23, 2009

1st Annual Class of 2007 Reunion

We arrived at Alamo Fiesta Rv Resort in Boerne Tx on Sunday March 15, 2009 for our 1st Annual Class reunion. We all met last year in Quartzsite Arizona. It's amazing how you pull in and didn't know a sole and when you leave you have a whole new Rv family. They are very special people. And it's amazing how often you run into some of them on the road.

The top picture is from 2008 and the bottom picture is 2009.

Here are pictures of classmates that were at the reunion

We saw friends we had met last year and made new friends this year. There are a lot of people that went full time in 2007 that we just meeting this year.
A good time was had by all. Norah did a great job as Wagon master. but the whole class did their part in helping with everything. We had alot of different foods.
The first night was a baked potatoe night. You bring a baked potatoe and a topping to share with everyone else.

Tuesday was St. Paddy's Day. It started with a breakfast. Molly won a ribbon for 2nd place. But the funny thing is she also won first place for her burnt crossiants. I won't put a picture of those on here just her 2nd place winner.

Of course we had happy hour and am I seeing double, yes double margarator's. They were kept busy. One was for margarita's and the other was for strawberry daiquiri's. The following pictures are of some St. Patty
s (Paddy's)Day fun.

Every one brought a can of vegs or a can of non condensed soup and added to the pot. Molly cooked 2 roasts for the stew. Polish sausage was added to the vegs. It may not sound real good, but this is some good stew.

Here is Chef Bob, stirring the huge pot of Hobo Stew. Enough to feed the class of 2007.

Happy hour was a lot of fun. The food was green, the drinks were green and as you can see quite a few dressed in green.

Wednesday morning's breakfast was egg casserole, biscuits and gravy, and finger foods.
Happy hour was a Chocolate & Liqueur/Cordials tasting. Here is just a few pictures of the happy hour. What a good time. But almost anytime the class of 2007 gets together, we have fun.

Wednesday evening after the Chocolate Happy Hour, there was a Chili cookoff. We had 7 pots of chili. There were 3 judges. After the judges were through taste testing, everyone else took samples from each of the 7 pots. The winner was not announced until after everyone had finished eating. The judges said it was close. But the winner was Joe. Can you believe that. He's the one that tells everyone that he doesn't cook. But I now know that he can make Chili. He won first place and an apron and chef's mitt. How cool is that!

Thursday morning's menu was Eggs in a Bag. We had a great turn out for this. Some had never heard of it and some others had done this before. We had a good time, showing everyone how to make an omelete in a zip lock bag.
The Dinner that evening was Fried Turkey's. Yum Yum. Bob, Joe and Myself cleaned the turkeys, then Bob, Joe, Bill, Jim and a few others fried 3 turkeys and 5 turkey breast. And what a fine job they did. We called in Thanksgiving in March. Everyone brought a side dish and of course just like every other time, we all ate to much.

During the week there were a few workshops that you could participate in. Patty did a T-Shirt braiding class.
Hank did Geocaching, Marty did Genealogy, and Molly did a blogger workshop. And of course the clubhouse was open during the day. Some of the ladies did beading, crocheting, knitting and of course there was the puzzle table to help everyone relax.
I would say that this reunion was a success. Lets see where next years will be held.
To those that couldn't be there, we missed you and hope to see you next year, or on the road. Be safe and have fun.


  1. What a nice blog about the reunion! We look forward to seeing you two again! Clear skies
    Mark and Renita

    (currently in that Grand Isle, La where the internet is so slow)

  2. Great blog Marcia! ... especially enjoyed the reunion coverage and selection of photos! Sorry you're working again, but it will be over before you know it working/staying in such a fun, busy location.