Saturday, February 21, 2009


Molly and Bob has found a new place to eat. They invited Joe and myself and Paul and Connie to meet them at Sleepy Hollow to enjoy some lunch.
Another great time with friends of the Class of 2007. And we only go to the finest places.

They have a special. New York Strip Steak, baked potatoe and corn on the cob for $5.00. How cool is that.

You buy a dinner ticket and go to the grill and order your steak the way you would like it cooked and they cook it right there in front of you.

Here we are doing what we do best. It seems like whenever the class of 2007 gets together, there is food involved. And as always, having a good time.

After a great dinner, Joe, Connie and myself decided to go for a air boat ride. That was awesome. We had to idle past all the houses, then when we got out in the open, the driver took off his hat and Connie and I smiled at each other because we knew the fun part was coming. While we were out on the water we saw a nest of baby alligators, White Egrets, Sand Hill Cranes, and a lot of other birds that I'm not sure the name of. The driver took us over the water and the dry land. At one time he did 360's, that was fun. I really enjoyed the gliding over the water. Joe said he would definitely like to ride the air boats in the Everglades.

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  1. WOW $5 new york strips, you must have been at a BIKER BAR somewhere.