Monday, February 9, 2009

Good friends and Good food

Mollie's homemade Birthday cake, baked by Connie. It was a Red Velvet cake.

Connie's Lasagna was enough to feed an army, or 14 very hungry people. We had lasagna, salad, french bread,chicken catchatorie and of course birthday cake.
Below is a picture of Connie and Paul in front of their new home. It is in Ocala Florida. They are still planning on traveling in the summer months. Hope to see them in Missouri for the Escapade.

It seems like whenever the Class of 2007 get together there is always good friendship and good food. It was Molly's birthday,(as if we need an excuse) so we had a party. There was 12 from the class of 2007. Paul and Connie Anderson of course. The birthday girl Mollie and Bob Pinner. Linda and Ron Fleeger. Jim and Bobbie Chapman. Marcia and Joe Jones. Bill Borger and Leslie Thomas. And Mike and Paul local friends of Paul and Connie.
Everyone had a great time and as always it is nice getting together with our classmates.


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us home bound and less fortunate.

  2. Nice job's great that we can follow you now!!!
    And it WAS terrific...Lasagne, Red Velvet was a Steel Magnolia night....well, no Margarator, but you can't have everything, right? :) Hugs

  3. Got you on my favorite list under blogs, so be sure to keep it updated......sounds like you guys had a great time monday. Wished we could of been there celebrating with you all.

  4. It looks like it was a great party... Good food, nice people, great location... & oh yes, Happy Birthday Molly!