Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is Good!!

It is hard to believe that it has been over 3 years, since we started full timing. What a life.
Lately we have been reconnecting with old friends and new friends.

We spent a wonderful few days with Faye, Jay and Lulu Carter. It is always a pleasure to run into friends on the road. And the Carters are always making us laugh and we always have fun.
David and Kathy Bennett came to Racoon Valley while we were there. Enjoyed playing the WII and what we do best(eating).
Jenelle, Corey and I went to Six Flags over Georgia. Man did we have fun. We rode all the roller coasters except for the wooden ones. They are just to rough.
Enjoyed time with the family. Everyone is doing good. Grandbabies are growing like weeds. Way to fast.
Joe's dad (Butch), for those of you that have met him, is doing good. We are planning to meet him in Ohio and spend some time with him there. He will stay with family while we go to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Indiana. Then we will pick him up and take him back to Ky.
We spent a few days with special friends of ours. Sheila and John Shepard. They bought a house with 82 acres.

It has a pond, horse barn and a house for Sheila to use as an office. Anyway we parked the RV beside the pond and enjoyed catching up with each other.

The Margarator finally bit the dust. Here is a picture of Joe and Sheila with the last batch of Margarita's.

Oh well, it has traveled many states with us and served many a margarita.

John also helped Joe put Laminant in the Kountry Star. Love it. I just don't like carpet in a RV. This is much easier to keep clean.

Then we went to Graying Michigan. At Camp Graying Rv Park. It is small but we found a site that we could fit on.
When we went for a walk around the campground, we saw a black squirrel. I had never seen one before. And the deer here are bigger than they are down south.
The Jeep did get some new stripes, to match the Kountry Star. I think it looks good.

Wed. we went to Mackanac Island. Was looking forward to seeing some more wildlife. We only saw a few deer and a ranch with Buffalo.
We went to Mackanac Island with Dean and Janice, by Ferry. The ride over was beautiful. The Island of course is a tourist town. No vehicles are allowed on the island. but there sure were alot of bicycles. And horse drawn carriages. The smell of horse urine was so strong. There is no where for it to go except down the street.
The town had alot of history for the history buff. We decided not to go to the Fort and other local trips. It was very hard to get a ride and walking was out of the question.
We did try some of the fudge. Janice decided to buy some fudge and then we headed back.
While we here in the UP, Joe has been finding some back roads. I think he is still trying to bond with the Jeep. He may even like it a little better since we didn't get stuck in the sand trap. That is little weird, you are going around a curve on dirt and all of a sudden there is a sign on a post saying sand trap. The jeep made it through with no problem. But that road sure had a lot of sand on it. We did have to put it in 4-wheel drive to make through some of the ruts. Its a Jeep thing.

We have been staying at some of the casinos. Most of them have hook ups for RV's. Some only have 110. But the one we are in now has full hook ups for 20.00 Not bad. Since we needed to do some laundry and fill our water tanks.

Our next stop will be in Wisconsin to visit with Greg and Jean for a few days. Then on to Indiana to the Gypsy Journal Rally and to visit the Newmar factory.
Everyone be safe and have fun.

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