Thursday, March 18, 2010

Air Show

Hello everyone, We are at MacDill Airforce Base Famcamp for a few days.

This weekend they are having a air show with the Blue Angels. This will be my first time watching them perform, so I am very excited.

We are right across the street from the office. And beside the office, on a light pole is a nest with 2 Osprey and their babies.

I sit at my window in the morning and watch him or her go out and find food. Here is today's catch.

Of course, I am a animal lover and enjoy watching all their antics and whenever someone comes near they start giving them a warning not to come any closer. Have seen them kind of swoop down with another warning.
I keep telling Leo what a lucky bird he is, he doesn't have to go out looking for his next meal and he has a warm place to sleep.

We are enjoying out stay here, while we wait for Lazy Days to finish with the Santara. They have had it 2 months. Should be ready next week and then we have to decide what to do with it.

We have drove around the adjoining parks looking for some shells and at one park we saw a woman pulled along the side of the road and she was feeding the Racoons. I don't think this is a very thing to be doing.

Will post more pictures later and everyone have fun and be safe.

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